27 june, 2020

7 pm - 1 am (ET)


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Elixir Salon is the first event of its kind. We merge aesthetics and philosophy with live performance art. We challenge attendees and participants alike with groundbreaking ideas, provocative visuals, and live music. We bring together like-minds interested in collaboration and beyond.

Welcome to our museum of cultural oddities. We invite you to taste our distinguished online event of intellectual intrigue. We know that our strength lies not only in digital theater initiatives but showcasing of bold creatives, philosophers, visionary technologists, artists, social scientists, sexy scapegoats, performers, independent writers, heterodox thinkers, filmmakers, photographers, cultural architects, fashion designers, classical art enthusiasts, architects, and historians.

Enter our sacred event space. We spotlight curiosity, courage, candidness, and craze. Immerse yourself in our art exhibits and groundbreaking talks. Engage with the frontier of emerging culture. Free your mind. Explore your senses. Participate in our roundtable discussions.


Join our digital cabaret



Alexander Bard

Philosopher - Sweden

Raven Connolly

Philosopher - Portland

David R. George

Philosopher - Los Angeles

Robin Hanson

Economist - DC

Mónica Belevan 

Designer - Los Angeles

Peter Limberg

Founder of The Stoa - Toronto

 Narayn Wong


Rachel Haywire

Founder of Elixir Salon - New York City

Nina Power

Philosopher + Writer - UK

Germán Sierra

Experimental Author - Spain

Miss Metaverse

Futurist - New York City

Johannes Achil Niederhauser

Philosopher - London

Zach Vorhies

Google Whisteblower - San Francisco

Nikki Olson 

Software Developer + Writer - Seattle

Lev & Jules

Cultural Commentators + Truth Seekers - NYC



Guilty by Design

Electronic Disco - Brooklyn

Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin

Experimental - Orlando

Johan Ess

Industrial - Portland


Neoclassical - Texas

Kenji Siratori 

Noise - Tokyo

Sarah Fletcher

Poetry - London

Heather Silcer

Experimental Burlesque - Asheville

Mac Vogt

Poetry - Toronto

Gwendolyn Taunton

Philosopher + Writer - Australia


Rachel Haywire & Shard Teknique

Vitalist Productions & Teknique Entertainment - New York City


With help from Narayan Wong and Ashlee Shoaff


Disclaimer: Elixir Salon is open to people of all races and viewpoints. The only thing we will not tolerate is harassment of the weird. We are a freethinking event, and have a zero tolerance policy for shaming. If you are interested in mocking people for being neurotic we do not want you aroundWe stand united against the assault of the esoteric, and advocate mental liberation. 

7:00 PM - Welcome from Rachel Haywire & the Elixir Gallery

7:10 PM - Johannes Achil Niederhauser - Keynote Speech

7:30PM - Petunia McLeibling MacPumpkin - Bright Light City

7:35 PM - Germán Sierra - Reading from The Artifact

7:45 PM - Narayn Wong

8:00 PM - B R E A K - Goatcraft screening

8:05 PM - Kenji Siratori - Live Noise Set

8:20 PM - Nina Power - Pleasure Against the Priests

8:35 PM - Miss Metaverse 

8:45 PM - Alexander Bard 

9:00 PM - Peter Limberg - Canceling the Cancel God

9:25 PM - B R E A K - Screening of Dionysus film by Gwendolyn Taunton

9:40 PM - Sarah Fletcher - Asylum Poetry

9:50 PM - David R. George  

10:00 PM - Robin Hanson - Who Vouches for You? [20 minutes + 15 minute Q&A]

10:35 PM - Lev & Jules 

10:50 PM - Johan Ess - Industrial

10:55 PM - B R E A K

11:00 PM - Zach Vorhies - Inside the Googleplex [10 minutes + 10 minute Q&A]

11:20 PM - Nikki Olson - Are There Portals? The Utility of Eric Weinstein’s Portal Hypothesis

11:35 PM - Raven Connolly 

11:50 PM - Mónica Belevan - The Occupancy Manifesto 

12:05 AM - Heather Silcer - Experimental Burlesque

12:20 AM - Mac Vogt - Poetry

12:30 AM - Guilty By Design - Electronic Disco

12:45 AM - Closing Ceremony - Raven Connolly + Mac Vogt (roundtable)